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    Understanding Wine Technology: The Science of Wine Explained, New Edition

    Understanding Wine TechnologyThis is the only book to explain the complexities of the science and technology of wine in simple terms, and therefore fills a gap in the large market of wine information by making wines technical mysteries accessible to those with no scientific education. This new edition brings the literature up-to-date, relaying in its plainspoken tradition the recent advances in wine science and technology. The topics covered range from the secrets of the vineyard, the processing of grapes to produce juice, the intricacies of fermentation, stabilization of the resulting wine, treatments, quality control and quality assurance, and bottling.

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    New Wine Lover's Companion
    New Wine Lover's CompanionArranged alphabetically, nearly 4,000 entries include innumerable details on grape varieties; wine styles; wine-growing regions; wine label terms; winemaking techniques; how to buy, store, and serve wine; how to have a wine tasting; wine-testing terms; sizes and styles of glassware, wine bottles, and wine openers; ordering wine in a restaurant; opening and serving wine at home; temperatures for serving wine; and much more. This book is the only A-to-Z wine reference that offers phonetic pronunciations.
    The Wine Bible

    Wine bibleA must for anyone who loves wine, whether they are a pro or an amateur. The romance and intrigue of Burgundy of sauvignon blanc and the surprising elegance of Spain's top Riojas. Italy, one of wine's most enchanting and ancient homelands. What makes a great wine great? The reason behind Champagne's bubbles. The precise and food-friendly wines of Germany. California, wine's Camelot. The lip-smackingly good wines of Australia. The complexities of Port revealed. How a vineyard profoundly affects a wine's character.

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